Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the pictures you use?

All pictures used on pre-printed photograph items and prints are captured by Ed or Teri Serecky. Most of our pictures are in and around Detroit. The lighthouses are along the Lower Peninsula, the Upper Peninsula is coming soon. There are a some that are from outside Michigan; the wolves are from the Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana. The seals and sea lions are from La Jolla, California.  If you want more information about any photo's location, feel free to ask.

What printing media do you use?

We use sublimation printing. Sublimation is using high heat and pressure to force special inks into the items instead of just being affixed on top of the items. The prints will not peel, fade or crack. Clothing items are machine wash and dry. Dish and drinkware are dishwasher safe. 

Are the products made in the USA?

Yes, and no. Most aluminum products and the paper prints are 100% made in the USA. Other items are manufactured in different countries and imported to our suppliers who prepare/cure them for sublimation printing and then sent to us. The final prints are done in Taylor, Michigan-USA. Although, they start elsewhere, 60% and up is fabricated in the USA contributing to jobs across multiple states. 

Are your pictures photoshopped? 

NO! All photographers, film or digital, do some editing for lighting, tone, straightening and cropping but our pictures have been legitimately captured with our cameras. We do, however, use an ephemeris to figure out the sun and moon location to try and capture them at spectacular heights and locations. We also, depending on the subject, use HDR photography-which is taking the same shot with different settings then layering them during editing to add depth and detail. 

How do you get into all the buildings or onto the rooftops?

We just find a way in and leave it at that. 

Where can I see your items before I purchase? 

We have a seasonal stall at Eastern Market in Detroit MI on Sundays: June-September for "Sunday Market" and again in December for "Sunday Holiday Market". There is also a storefront inside Taylor Town Trade Center open year round Thursday through Saturday and Sundays during the off seasons at Eastern Market.

We also attend other art and vendor shows when available. We list them on our "Find Us" page. 

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